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04 March 2011

{pay it forward} Heidi

I had so much fun making an eco-bag for Jenny that I decided to make one for Heidi, in the same fabric as Jenny's handbag (and Dhari's stacking rings, and Kate's birds, and my market stall money belt...).
I got word from Heidi that she got the bag, which she used on a picnic! So here it is:
I really like the idea of this bag going on a picnic in Texas. I'm really proud of it; the other side is made of the orange stripy fabric and I used French seams, for the first time ever. Her boyfriend, Joseph, even said it looked like I bought it. Yay! 

Heidi's an anti-plastic bag girl, so this was a good gift for her. She knows what murderous things plastic bags can do to sea-life. 

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