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11 January 2010

ring stacker (8 September 2009)

Finally! It has been a labour of love, but the ring stacker is complete. Combining bird-themed heavy Ikea fabric and a Heather Bailey pattern, I’ve finished the happy ring stacker for Dhari’s 9 month birthday, which is in 2 weeks. I think the original plan was to finish it for 6 months, but you know how things go. Stuff comes up.
I’ve ended up with a lumpy, wonky, slightly leaning tower of colourful rings. If I were to do it again I would do it differently. I would:
  1. use lighter fabric;
  2. remember to put the ribbons on BEFORE I stitch the rings together;
  3. not sign myself up to mark 360 exams for AQA, even though it means £1200 more in the bank.
But I don’t think I’ll do another one. It was really difficult and took me ages. I’m proud of them though. And I think the lumpy, wonky, slightly leaning tower suits Dhari perfectly. 

He’s going to love it. And if he doesn’t, it will look very pretty stacked up neatly in the corner of his room...

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