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11 January 2010

baby bandito! put 'em up... (3 September 2009)

When staying at The Elms after Angie’s wedding, we forgot Dhari’s bib at breakfast, so folded a black cloth napkin into a bandana and tied it around his neck. It was absolute genius. He was still chucking up like no other at that point, and the little folds made by the bandana were perfect for catching it. Previously, it just ran down his front, past his knee and into my lap. Sometimes it would completely escape his outfit and just total mine. 
Gross, I know. I’ll stop.
So, I got the idea to make more of these for Dhari out of cute fabric. He looked like a little bandito. He just needed spurs and a pistol. It was so good, I decided (with much encouragement from my mom and Melissa) to sell them on Etsy. Yep. I’m a genius. Except eight or so other people are doing the exact dang thing. Oh well. I can do better.
I tried it out, and ended up with the bandana (and three others like it) above. No good though. He’s teething now, so his gallons upon gallons of drool soak right through. Defeats the purpose. 
I’m on a mission, though, to improve the concept. Especially since I got some super-cute new fabric from

I’m on the hunt for polyurethane coated fabric to line them with. And pearl snap buttons for authenticity. I’m a nerd. But I’m a happy nerd.

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