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05 March 2011


Grace in Small Things.

1. Using the last episode of Skins to clarify a student's understanding of what themes actually are.

2. Dhari was really really excited to see his grandmuma and granddad. It was cute.

3. I started making Hazel's lavender door hangers this evening. I think they're going to be luuurrrrvely and might have to make some for my own home too!

4. I already posted this on Facebook, but as I was getting off the bus at Richmond Station, an old man with awesome sideburns let me get off the bus first and then told me, "Your hair colour is really pretty." It was sweet and totally made me smile.

5. I discovered a little shout-out for my friend Dana on the Made By Rae blog today. Dana's featured design is the Dinosaur Rock Band. It makes me happy that she is getting major kudos all over the place, because she is awesome, talented and hilarious and she definitely deserves it.

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DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

Thanks for catching that! I had no idea! Yay!