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07 March 2011

{pay it forward} Melissa

I posted a pic of this before, but wanted to give all my giveaways their own post. So I deleted it and put it here instead.

My sister sews a lot. She has just enough OCD to make for excellent craftsmanship (and excellent presents - yay!). Therefore, a pincushion in co-ordinating materials right down to the matching buttons, seemed like the right thing to make for her.

Bonus - I got to use some more of my Heather Ross stash! I only have small bits and pieces (can't afford yardage of Heather Ross...weep) so have been looking for tiny projects as an excuse to use this adorable stuff. I love the shy little octopus. And the happy orange buttons. I wanted also to do a little pin sharpening strawberry thingy, but didn't have time. Ach, well. Nevermind.

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