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04 March 2011


Grace in small things.

1. Tickling Dhari with my toes under the desk as I type this post.

2. The incredibly gorgeous and made-to-perfection eco-bags my sister made me for my birthday. I love them so much I occasionally give them little hugs when no one's looking. Thanks Mo!

3. Finally getting to give my sister her facebook handmade giveaway, which was a pincushion, and her immediately exclaiming, "I was wanting a pincushion!"

4. Also finally giving her the little crocheted clutch purse, referenced here, that I have worked so hard on these past months. She has decided not to use it as a cosmetics bag, as "it will get dirty." Awesome.

5. Fried food and beer for dinner with Marcus, Mo and Zach. A rare treat!

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