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21 January 2011


Grace in Small Things.

1. After having proudly crocheted a very even rectangle of red (for my little Facebook giveaway where I've pledged to make something for five people and somehow ended up with seven would seem that my friends know I'm a pushover), I realised that I didn't have enough red yarn to finish the project. So I gingerly tugged on the thread a bit, and then went nuts with unravelling the whole thing. Marcus was horrified. "Suz, what are you doing? You worked so hard on that! Don't pull it apart!" Fair enough. I spent ages on it and it looked very professional (in my humble opinion). But I thoroughly enjoyed pulling it apart. There's a lovely cocktail of freedom, anarchy and nihilism involved in such things. Like messing up a 1000 piece puzzle after spending days putting it together. I love that.

2. After pulling apart my red rectangle, I was left with a heaping pile of red yarn, which to my sick sensibilities, looked to me like a tiny mountain of entrails. I know that's gross, but I found it funny. Sometimes I think that I'm actually a seven year-old boy.

3. This morning, Marcus and I taught Dhari to say, "Namaste. Meera nam Dhari, heh," Which, of course, is "Hello. My name is Dhari," in Hindi. He needs to learn this because we're convening with the Indians (dot, not feather) next weekend, and he will charm their socks off anyway, but this would just be the piece de resistance.

4. Letter and number shaped cookie cutters. They're a pain in the ass to use, but the finished product is excellent. What could be more fun than spelling out funny things with tiny cookies and then devouring them with your loved ones?
Oh yeah, and it's educational for Dhari. He has to identify the letter or number before he eats it.

5. Fashion on the Ration is wonderfully inspiring. And it links with a project I intend to undertake once I brush up on my embroidery skills at The Make Lounge tomorrow.

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DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

Ha ha ha, amazing, the word in my house is turd-burglar, but it's still an awesome thing to write in cookies. Also the other day someone asked Matt what he was studying and I interrupted and said, "Buttmunch" and he said, "No, my masters is in Buttmunch but the phd is in fart-knocking."

The cookies look delicious!