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29 March 2010

Nap-time Project 1

Yesterday, Marcus and I got Dhari a little gift for Easter. I've been quietly campaigning for something not plastic, so we ended up with a really cute wooden dominoes set from Habitat. Instead of numbers, it has little animal faces to match up.

When we got home, we decided to get it out to have a look at it, and imagine my dismay at the discovery that it didn't include any sort of box or bag to keep the dominoes in! I suppose the suggestion is to use the cardboard box it came in, but that will never last. Dhari has a knack for destroying boxes. In the cutest way possible, of course.

During his nap this afternoon, I busied myself with a bag-making project, just for Dhari's dominoes. I pulled out some fabric I have left over from the stacking rings I made for him last summer and got to work. Here is the result:

And laid flat, so you can see the detail:

Not too shabby for a quick one, methinks.

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