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23 March 2010

shop more than doubled...

I'm getting more and more proud of my shop as I see it grow. Yesterday and today, I have more than doubled the amount of items for sale, and I think it makes my shop much more interesting. I have three sections! Bibs, bunting, barrettes...and there's more to come.

I'm also getting more and more proud of myself, as I branch out, try new things, and get stuff done. I am refining the art of To-Do lists. Things actually Get Done! Funny that. Next on my list, hem Marcus's new trousers. Marcus had to run out and buy a new suit because he lost so much weight he looks ridiculous in his old suits. Kind of like a grey-haired child trying on his dad's clothes.

Anyway, check out the shop - there are five hair clips for sale. I made another one last night while Marcus was reading something for his M.A. It took me longer to decide which colour felted wool to use than it took me to actually make the thing! In the end, I made Marcus choose, and I think he did a good job. I like the way the turquoise just pops out against the background of the purple felt.

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