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15 April 2010

Jaipur: textiles heaven

I couldn't wait to get my rupees and fill my suitcase with woodblock printed cotton from Jaipur. The cottons are so soft and lovely, but it was difficult to find the combination of colours and prints that I wanted. While I didn't find exactly what I was originally out for, I did find some pretty cool gems:

I plan to make some summery bunting with the silver-foil block prints plus maybe some twirly skirts with the leftovers. And I thought the black and white would be ideal for dresses, head-kerchiefs, bibs and shirts.

Next time, I plan to go armed with my own designs, so I can get them to make the blocks and print the fabric for me. That's what this other lady there was doing. Now, I just need to sort out what it is exactly that I really really want because at the moment, it's just a vague, blurry vision of pretty...stuff.

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