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16 January 2012


Grace in small things.

1. The therapeutic properties of cooking. I came home this evening wanting to destroy something, but after cooking up some lovely minestrone, and then gobbling it up with my family, I felt so much better. Oh, and hey. Don't worry. It wasn't any major personal turmoil; I was just railing against the establishment. Mostly Michael Gove (stupid face. Because of him I might be buying the queen a £60 million yacht for her Diamond Jubilee! I wonder what she'll get me for mine...I'm hoping for an island, or perhaps the NHS...) and Citibank (who have decided to charge us to put our own dollars in our own dollar account!). Anyway, I'm glad I chose to create, rather than destroy. Creating is so much tastier.

2. Dhari is a master of flirting. This evening on the train, he got a woman to tell him her name, note that he knows he's cute, and then show him pictures of her house (on her camera, which he asked her about). I know, I should probably teach him to be less friendly to strangers, but...

3. I just finished reading A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. It was pretty wonderful.

4. I made a lampshade on Saturday at The Make Lounge. It's pretty awesome.

5.  I'm starting a book club in the library at school. I hope it's well-received! Any suggestions for reading material? The participants will be 14/15 year old boys.

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