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13 January 2012

{handmade treasures} feelin' the love since Christmas

Mostly my ticky tocks have been featured in a few treasuries, but my Peace, Love & Robots bunting made it into one as well. Yay!

Curated by Betsy of Couple of Bubbles, a cheerful little shop of mostly bunting

Curated by Phyllis of Flissitations, an English shop for prints and posters

Curated by Sarah of Wish Upon a Charm, a sweet little jewellery shop

Curated  by Betsy of Spongetta, a shop full of creative purses, handbags and book covers

Also by Betsy of Spongetta

Curated by Vered of Tukon, a shop full of colourful everything

Also by Betsy of Spongetta

Thanks Betsy!

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