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21 May 2011


Grace in small things.

1. I have begun my month of exam marking (blech). My small thing that I have found to cherish in this mountain of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes is this: The Pomodoro Method.
It gives me nice little five minute breaks (and the occasional 25 minute break - woo!) to do whatever, guilt-free, because I know I have to go back to the mountain of mistakes for another 25 minutes, over and over again, until it is finished. So how have I spent my break time today? Well, at first, washing dishes (what?). Then doing minimal make-up and hair, checking email, Facebook, updating my favourites on Etsy, reading everyone else's blogs and finally updating my own. I was unable to finish this first point in a five minute break, but oh well. It's done now!

2. Starting on Adele's Facebook Pay it Forward gift. At this rate (see above), it might be done by July. Even so, it's going to be so cute and so useful. There's something so lovely about perusing my many craft books, shopping for the perfect thing to make for a friend. And then, of course, digging through my Heather Ross fabric scraps stash (WHICH I LOVINGLY HOARD) to find the most fun combination of patterns and colours.

3. I've ordered labels for my new grown-up brand, which I've hinted at for ages now. It's mostly been little wisps of ideas floating in and out of my line of vision, but I now have an ever growing list of things to actually make and put in this new babybandito offshoot for big banditos. Those lovely lavender hearts, for starters. It will be called "dito", pronounced deeto (not ditto). Makes sense, right?

4. How tiny Dhari's bum looks in big boy pants. We tried it (potty training) out yesterday. To put it lightly, he's not totally won over by the whole idea. Still, pretty cute.

5. I found Collective Memory Part 2 in the cupboard the other day. Part 1 is in Kansas City. Anyway, I can now add to the one "Vintage" quote by Amy I have over at my other blog. It's weird reading through them. Some are still hilarious, others? Not so much. Most make no sense whatsoever. Still, good fun.

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DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

I love the idea of the timer! Genius! Sometimes I get so squirrely - maybe that would help.