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21 March 2011


My flat smells awesome right now. Mainly because I live here (obviously. Just kidding). No, mainly because I've been working on a nice smell-good project. My friend Hazel asked me to make some lavender heart sachets for her to hang on doorknobs around her house. Her house is serene in a mainly cream/beige/grey/black sort of way. So here is what I made for her:

The pink one's for her daughter's room. :)

I'm well pleased with the outcome and hope Hazel is too (and Sophia!). These will definitely feature in my developing grownup etsy shop-to-be. 


Anonymous said...

Hooray! these are too gorgeous and I am super happy with them!!! They look so different to the other lavender hearts out there - love it! p.s hilarious you think my house is serene espesh seeing as when you are here its generally full of two year olds!!!
Thanks clever lady!
Hazel xxx

DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

I love these - especially the buttons. I am always wanting good uses for buttons!