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19 March 2011


Grace in small things.

1. Finishing my Red Nose Day bunting. I loved stitching Dana's (ahem, waterpenny's) super-cute protesting animals, especially as Dhari is going on the March For the Alternative with his papa next week. I like to imagine Dhari toddling along in solidarity with a turtle and a unicorn, shouting "Tories, Tories, Out-Out-Out!" By the way, did you know that COURTNEY LOVE is now a supporter of the Tories? She tweeted it, so it must be true.
"Tory now."
How completely random and bizarre is that? Nothing says rock'n'roll like conservative politics. I mean, look at Thatcher. The Sex Pistols loved her. I find this deeply amusing.

2. Meeting up with Claire and Hazel yesterday, and watching the madness that is four toddlers let loose on what would seem to be the greatest toys on earth. It was - and always is - an explosion of cute.

3. Being included in such a talented group of crafters at The Crafty Fox pop-up market. I'm really excited about this. I'm sure this is counter-productive, but I plan to save up some dosh from my weekly allowance (yes, it's come to this!) and pick one wonderful hand-crafted thing to buy at the market while I'm there.

4. Dana giving me a shout-out on her blog. Thanks Dana!

5. I raised £57.50 for Red Nose Day. I'm pretty proud of this as I have never been good at this sort of thing. Remember selling girl scout cookies? Or having to sell magazine subscriptions or those coupon books for your school sports team? Yeah, I pretty much sold some to my parents and that was it. And babybandito ended up donating a bit because a friend bought one of my stripy scarves.

If you're beating yourself up because you missed the deadline, not to worry. You can still donate here!

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