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18 March 2011

{red nose} The Real Red Nose Day!!!


What do we want? Healthy babies and happy mothers! When do we want it? Now!

Remember I set myself, somewhat ambitiously, a fundraising goal of £182 because that's how much it costs to send a maternity nurse in Tanzania to a one-week training course on child delivery, resulting in safer labour for mother and child.

embroidery pattern by waterpenny

Now...what on earth should I do with this bunting? I smell a giveaway coming on.

In the meantime, if you're still weighed down by lots of spare change in your pocket because you haven't yet donated to Comic Relief or to relief for Japan, get a move on! I've raised £50 so far, but still have £132 to go to meet my goal by the end of today! Thank you very very much to Hazel, Ben, Val & Shiv, Adele and Christine for your support. :)

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