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25 March 2011


Grace in small things.

1. Not having a haystack weighing down my head anymore. I got my hair chopped. It's really short.

2. Dhari gave up his dummy on Monday in exchange for a "real guitar like Rumble Strips and Kaiser Chiefs." It's actually a ukelele, but don't tell him that.

3. Hanging out in the sunshine at Wimbledon Park yesterday with Maria, Marcus, Dhari and Belle. Very fun indeed!

4. My To Do list. It's mammoth, but it's also full of fun things (except one, which is "clean the flat"). The only problem is I want to do all of them now (except the no-fun one), so I haven't actually gotten much done at all. Does that make any sense?

5. The prospect of attending a stitch-in on Sunday afternoon, April 10th. A stitch-in! How awesome is that? I get to embroider a little train carriage that tells the minister of transport to stop punishing people (me) who don't drive.

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