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05 May 2011


Grace in Small Things.

1. Mending my Diesel jeans for the third time. I know I should be fuming that such an extravagantly expensive pair of jeans should fall apart so easily (and so frequently), but I'm just not. I actually enjoy the process of bringing them back to life, and I relish in that stubborn-as-an-ox feeling of absolutely refusing to let them die. I love them as much as a human being can actually love a pair of jeans.

2. Watching Dhari make everyone laugh at his weekly music and play class. That's my boy!

3. The sweetness of a sleepy two-year old. "Want to cuddle Mummy..."

4. A hermit day. I love sunny days, and getting outside to bask a bit, but I also love being a hermit - just hanging out with my little guy and getting stuff done and hanging out with my little guy a bit more. I suppose, if we get stir-crazy and it doesn't rain, we might go to the park for a bit.

5. Getting lots of positive feedback about my bibs. That feels good.

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