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08 February 2011

{make do and mend} giving jeans a second chance

I couldn't understand. How could a £150 pair of jeans wear through after less than a year of usage? The last ones I spent a fortune on over at Diesel lasted me five years! Then I realised...This past year, jeans have (sadly enough) become my day-to-day uniform and I spend half my day on my hands and knees chasing a two year old. So of course the knees would be shot. Instead of tossing them (how could I? In times like these?), I mended them:

And then there were the cropped Armani Exchange jeans, which I've had for six years. Again, the right knee self-destructed only a few weeks before the Diesels broke my heart. But with these, I didn't much like the length anyway, so I decided not to mend, but to alter:

I'm pretty pleased with the results on both. I know the Make Do and Mend mentality has made a resurgence, what with the recession and environmental consciousness pervading absolutely everything - it's all very stylish. And as important as it is for us not to be wasteful, it's also wonderfully fun.

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