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08 February 2011


Grace in small things.

1. A kindly British Gas HomeCare engineer. What a rare, rare thing. He even wished me a "lovely day" and told me to "take care". !

2. Dhari only tried to hop in bed with us once last night! Easy win.

3. Embracing the WW2 era "Make Do and Mend" mentality

(not because it's Recession Chic, but because I actually really and truly don't have enough money to buy a new pair of jeans...maybe I shouldn't have bought the lace necklace? Naw, that was needed), and finding myself pretty successful in my efforts.

4. Crossing tasks off lists. ScribbleScribbleScribble

5. Bored to Death. I've never seen anything with Jason Schwartzman in it that wasn't completely AWESOME.


Anonymous said...

Make do and mend is very cool - and that necklace was way worth it, I liked it so much I went to the shop and got one for myself (grey - lush!!!) xxx now also rocking jeans with holes in - lets re-start the 80s trend! hazel x

Suzanne said...

Next time you wear your hole-y jeans and lace necklace, call me. We can be twinsies. :)