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09 May 2011

drumroll please...

We have a winner! As promised, Dhari picked the winner from a bowl of entries.

Normal people use a random number generator, but as this was such an intimate gathering, it just seemed right. (Thanks for the idea, Bernadette!) And it meant I got to use my new pretty paper. Plus, it makes for much cuter pictures. Especially since the pretty paper matches Dhari's pyjamas.

All right, all right, this is clearly not the information you're looking for. Without further ado...the winner of the babybandito May giveaway is Jel, who said, "If I win this fabulous giveaway, I plan to get the turquoise and green dragonfly barrette, green and yellow flower barrette and the two pairs of sweetheart hairclips from with my gift card."

Congratulations, Jel - those felt barrettes are my absolute favourites.

Everyone else, thanks for joining in on the fun, and I'm pleased to have seen some new faces around here! (ahem, not that the old faces are, you's just...I mean...oh dear, I've only gone and put my foot in it again. Bah!)

I'm planning a "babybandito's second birthday party" giveaway for August, so make sure you get in on that too. Why the May Giveaway? Because I bloody well felt like it. Heh.

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