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10 April 2011

{a sunday shop} feeling grey

So...why is it that on grey gloomy days I gravitate towards blue and yellow, and on bright sunny days I'm all about the greys?

Here are a few new and so far undiscovered Etsy shops that seem to have lots of potential. I found them today, too tired to do anything else!

beads2riches (shame about the name) only has three items listed in her shop, but they are beautiful. And hey, her shop has only been open for two days. Give the girl a break. 

Nadezdha Petrova's Dream Pillow is a lovely shop. My fave is her bicycle pillow, of course!

I was going to give you three grey things. But then I saw these. And if you pay any attention at all to my Grace in Small Things posts, you know full well the power macaroons have over me. And Cookie Boutique just opened up today, so you know those macaroons are fresh. (kidding - I'm not stupid, people) Oh, Cookie Boutique. How I wish you were in London instead of NY.
I think I need to go lie down now.
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