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08 April 2011


Grace in small things.

1. Sitting in the sunshine with Dhari, both of us singing along to Father Goose and playing tents with the sawaar kameez scarves. Again! We've had nearly a week of this. Awesome. (plus, according to a very reliable Facebook source, all this sunshine is due to the magical workings of a newly-built playhouse in Kingston...Dhari can't wait to try it out).
Dhari's Downward Facing Dog?

2. Taking baby steps toward the "Keep what you love and get rid of the rest" way of living. I hate being surrounded by clutter - it stresses me out - yet I don't want to live somewhere that feels like no one lives there. You know what I mean. So, yesterday, Dhari and I wandered down to the charity shop and offloaded some of my things that I don't love. I kept Dhari, by the way.

3. I put some white azaleas in my "backyard" flower pots and relocated my herbs to a disused window box. Things are starting to brighten up back here! This weekend, I hope to hit up the market near my flat to buy some inexpensive, but cheerful flowers for the rest of my planters. I'll probably be going for purple because that's my favourite.

4. Taking a moment to paint my nails. Three coats!

5. A nearly finished Easter basket (that - I am ashamed to admit - was started in February).

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