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11 April 2011


Grace in small things.

1. A clean flat, largely thanks to Marcus.

2. Spending yesterday afternoon engaged in two of my favourite things: crafting and activism.
I met loads of lovely people, including Colin, a hilarious and chatty homeless man who joined in with the stitchery in exchange for tea, sandwiches and cakes! Good atmosphere overall.

3. A gorgeous little shop in Brighton called Fair, that befittingly trades in Fair Trade goods. Being a Fair Trade city, Brighton has a barrel-full of these places, but this one was particularly good. Lots of stuff from People Tree and elsewhere. One highlight was underwear that says on the elastic waistband, "Poverty is Pants". In the end, I bought some giant hoop earrings and a very cool necklace, for the bargain price of £24 (there goes my fun-spend allowance for this week...).

4. I'm getting really excited about the Crafty Fox pop-up market on Saturday. Be there, dudes and dudettes!

5. Having actual conversations with Dhari. It floors me every time.

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