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16 April 2011


Grace in small things.

1. The Crafty Fox Pop-Up Market. I have so much respect/gratitude for Sinead of Galavant, who organised the whole thing. What a huge undertaking! And what a rambunctious success! I did incredibly well today, which is really no small thing for me. In my mind, it is a massive thing because I doubt myself and my product and my vision everyday. Honestly, reflecting on my success has just made me well up with tears a bit. It could be the exhaustion. It could be the "I've worked hard today, so I deserve a drink" drink. It is probably a bit of both. But mostly, it is being able to tell myself that the craft I've worked so hard on and put so much of myself into, is quality craft. That means a lot.

2. This is very closely connected to number one, but it is AWESOME getting to meet with other crafters and artists. Everyone is so friendly and eager to share ideas and experiences. I discovered today that there is a close-knit community of crafters who have become friends solely through attending events like this. Over time, they start to recognise the same faces and begin to look forward to seeing each other again. The hour of setting up in the morning was like a hipster's high school reunion. Very cute.

3. Hanging out with Kristine and Dom last weekend. They're engaged now! Yay!

4. Thursday afternoon at Tanya's. I wish I had a garden! (Dhari does too, methinks)

5. Just now. Watching Dhari engage with the frog puppet I bought him today at Crafty Fox. He made the mouth move properly then said (in a funny voice), "Eat your lunch! Eat your brekky!"


Matt Noerpel said...

Your table is awesome! Hooray!

Matt Noerpel said...

Sorry, this is Dana on Matt's Computer...hilarious.

Suzanne said...

Thanks Matt (Dana)! The table was a bit smaller than expected, so everything was a little more smooshed together than I had envisioned. Still, it worked out all right.

Jennifer said...

I know I am behind but... So very glad you had a good event! You should be nothing but proud of your product! The idea, quality, functionality, and downright adorableness of everything you make is clear to the rest of us. :) Love you!!!!