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29 March 2011

protest hoodie for a two year old

So, Dhari had a whale of a time taking part in a little bit of activism on Saturday. His homemade hoodie went over very well indeed:

In case you're a little shocked that I was okay with my toddler attending a huge London protest (where there is always the ubiquitous, yet small group of masked anarchists who will, without end, live up to our expectations and smash things up), don't worry. Even though Dhari claims to be an anarchist, his Daddy kept him safe in the family-friendly part of the march. 

Here's what Bagehot over at The Economist had to say about the march on Saturday:

"The main trade union march was strikingly peaceful. There were small children and babies in prams, and lots of marchers sitting down having picnics. The marchers were overwhelmingly public sector workers, and in real terms that meant the park was crammed with health visitors, nurses, teachers, college lecturers, tax inspectors and council town hall staff." 

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