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28 March 2011


Grace in small things.

1. On Sunday, hearing Dhari shouting, "March again! March again!" because he had so much fun at the March for the Alternative with his daddy on Saturday.

2. Starting the day with great intentions to get things done. I've managed to tidy my bedroom, dance around the (now tidy) lounge with Dhari singing "Don't Dumb Down" by the Rumble Strips (yes, Dhari got his ukelele out), clean the bathroom, re-list an item on Etsy and start this blog entry. For me, this is an achievement!

3. Staying out late on Saturday night to celebrate Ben and Jane's engagement and then having a midnight curry on Brick Lane. Yum.

4. All the compliments (mainly on Facebook) I got on my new tiny hair. Always very fun. A random man in Chiswick called out, "Crackin' eyes!" when I walked by on Saturday. It's a great compliment, but then, you always have to wonder, where is the line between an honest compliment and street harassment? Surely, it's defined by the way the comment makes the receiver feel. If it makes you smile, it must be a compliment. If it makes you uncomfortable, then harassment. For me, it made me smile, mainly because I get a kick out of the adjective "crackin'", because I associate it with Gavin and Stacey. What do you think? My clever friend Kate explores this very question here.

5. The way Dhari sounds like Snuffleupagus when he's really focused on something. He also sticks his lip out, which is a distinct Chappelow trait.

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