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05 September 2010

Made some bows with some yo-yos.

I made a bunch of yo-yos last year out of some leftover cream coloured fabric. When I posted them on Facebook, there were a range of hilarious comments on them:

I never knew exactly what I would do with them, so they sat in my ribbon basket for over a year until I finally decided to make some hair-bows out of them, a la Esther Wagner (see comments section above).  I suppose could have stitched them onto the bottoms of Dhari's stuffed animals, to make them anatomically correct - taking inspiration from Melissa Oxley - but I didn't. Dhari will thank me later. 

Here is the finished product! 

Unfortunately the craft glue I have isn't doing the job, so I have to wait until I get to Kingston to buy a glue gun at Clas Ohlson to properly glue the clips onto the bows. They're falling off left, right and centre at the moment. Once properly secured, I'm putting them up for sale at my etsy shop! (if you have fallen in love with one of my bows and would like to buy it at my Awesome Friend discount, speak  now or forever hold your peace). 

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