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20 September 2010

babybandito, in a salon near you...

My mom goes to the coolest salon in downtown Kansas City. It's called Skyline Salon, and it's a loft space just a hop, skip and a jump from Bluebird Cafe (yum!). Being in a loft space has its benefits, mainly lavish amounts of space, which enables the owners to also house an eclectic boutique in the half you can't see in the picture below.

Salon boutiques are becoming increasingly fashionable and Skyline Salon (along with a couple others) was featured in this article of Ink Magazine for doing it exceptionally well. They stock handmade items from local designers and display them in a wonderfully creative way. For example, when I was there, all the merchandise was dotted around on top of giant rock'n'roll tour cases.

Lucky me, Carmen and Arlen (owners - and Arlen did my hair when I was in high school) love my bibs and want to sell them when they start their next season of merchandise, which is next month. So as October rolls around, book yourself an appointment at Skyline Salon, browse the boutique while you're waiting, say hi to my bibs, and then treat yourself to lunch at Bluebird Cafe. I recommend the polenta with veg. 

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