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11 January 2010

It's done! It's done! It's really done! (16 November 2009)

I’ve finally put some bibs up for sale on etsy! It’s only three, mind you, but I still feel way proud of myself. I zoomed out behind our flat with Dhari after he had his nap, biscuit and milk and snapped a few photos before it got too dark. I think I came up with some pretty cute ones. Thank goodness he’s been modelling behind our backs, because he’s a great little poser.
This is the prize picture:

Except now I realise if you look hard enough, just under Dhari’s arm, you can see our neighbours’ trashy patio area where they keep their weight bench. Ew. Oh well.
In other news, today Marcus used Foucault to deconstruct Mean Girls. Yes, I said Mean Girls. And yes, I said Foucault. Both in the same sentence.

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