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11 January 2010

I love it when a plan comes together... (5 November 2009)

This whole babybandito nonsense is finally starting to take shape! My parents came to visit last week, and brought along with them some essential material I ordered for my amazing new-fangled bibs. 
Last night I made my trial bib for Dhari, and here it is:

I’m not one for boasting, but this is the most awesome bib ever. Dhari wore it between about 2pm to 6pm. It soaked up loads and kept his chest completely dry. This is something, because if it were an Olympic sport, Dhari could drool for England.
On a completely different note, Marcus has just given Dhari a bath, and this is what he discovered:

He’s been modelling in his spare time and never bothered to tell us.

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