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14 July 2012

sleepy-time cushion

My friend Katie has some wild children (awesome, but wild) and therefore could use a bit more sleep. So I made her this cushion:

I took the idea from a post I saw on the Mr XStitch website. The original is "A Gentle Warning to my Children" by The Cotton Floozy:

Hilarious. You should check out her blog. She does all sorts of hilarious embroideries, like one of seagulls puking rainbows. 

I posted a link to it on Facebook a year ago and Katie loved it. This year, I thought she should have her have her own version. The wording was really too perfect, so I kept that. But I wanted it to be more personalised, so I used a photo of Katie's sleeping profile (nabbed off of Facebook! Lucky she has such a lovely profile, am I right?), traced it, and embroidered it onto light fabric. I exercised a bit of creative license and gave her hair pink streaks (it's blond in real life) to match the lips, but my favourite bit is the eyelashes. Those were fun. 

My brother suggested a pillow would be a fitting object for the message and I agreed. So there you go!

I wrapped it up in cheerful yellow tissue paper and shipped it across the pond. She insists that she loves it and it makes her giggle. It may not help her sleep, but if it makes her giggle, then my work here is done. 

I'm hoping to make some similarly amusing cushions for my dito shop. Not this one, as I'm not into stealing other people's ideas for profit. It's a shame The Cotton Floozy thought of it first, because it's JUST SO GOOD. 


The Cotton Floozy said...

Okay, I like your way better than mine! Thanks for the shout out. You rawk!

The Cotton Floozy said...


gaH, I am going to blame everything on my head injury and hormones in the beef.

Suzanne said...

Hey thanks! You have a lot of fantastic ideas. I hope the head injury and the reverse SAD don't slow that down (no sad clowns! Unless, of course, they're hilarious sad clowns).

Also, I hope a lot of English chocolate comes your way....