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29 March 2012


Grace in small things.

1. Yesterday, at the bus stop, Dhari made a stranger guffaw (it was an actual guffaw, I kid you not) by randomly shouting out at the top of his voice, "WHAT IS GOING ON????" Her response, after the laughter, was, "What IS going on? The bus should be here by now." Sometimes Dhari clearly annoys grumpy people on public transport during rush hour. But he mostly makes them smile. And that makes me happy.

2. Sunshine! Days and days of it! Yay! I know there's a drought in the UK at the moment, and this is a big problem, but there is a silver lining behind this lack of clouds. It's called Vitamin D and happy Londoners.

3. Wet felting Easter eggs out of beautifully hand-dyed Falkland wool. It takes ages, but is really very meditative.

4. Dhari and I will be going to a funfair this afternoon with our buddies, Hazel, Sophia, Alexander, Claire, Jack and Maisie. Dhari is so excited.

5. Growing things. Dhari's really getting into this. At the moment we just have mustard cress growing in an egg cup on the windowsill and some watercress seeds lurking under some soil on the back step, but soon we will have a complete salad, once we plant the tomatoes and sweet peppers. Hahah!

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