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20 March 2012


Grace in small things.

1. Today is a beautiful day. Sunshine has major restorative powers, people. Just don't forget your sunblock!

2. I held a poetry competition for World Poetry Day (tomorrow) at school, and got a LOAD of submissions. I've already read a couple from the older kids, who have greatly astounded me with their gift. I think of the sort of thing I wrote when I was 17, and I shrink in embarrassment. These boys are good.

3. I absolutely cannot wait for the Crafty Fox Spring Market on Sunday. I've been stitching away on new ticky tocks for what feels like forever, and I'll also be rocking up with some adult sized versions (digital, of course!), just to see how they go. Wish them luck!

4. Dhari's having a rare midday snooze.

5. The Hunger Games film is out this week. Woo! But I think I'll have to wait until next weekend to see it. Oh well...

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