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09 October 2011

Renegade: a person who deserts or betrays an organisation, country, or set of principles

Given a rare morning off motherhood, I ventured out east to check out the Renegade Craft Fair, which has zoomed across the pond to offer up more amazing crafted awesomeness to Londoners (and the odd tourist, as it was conveniently located near Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane). It was weird being on the other side of the table as a buyer rather than a seller. Weird, but way more relaxing. No joke.

Anyway, Renegade set up shop in Truman's Old Brewery, which was a pretty fabulous space, from my point of view. The sellers were given ample space to display their wares, and there was the occasional crafting station here and there. The Make Lounge was there in full force, manning (or womaning, really) a free needle felting workshop.
I'd have loved to sit at that table, as I love me a good Make Lounge schooling, but I had a three year old's birthday party to attend, and I spent my allotted hour shopping.

Among the sellers were some old favourites: Janine Basil and Jimbob Art. I bought one of my nieces something from Ms Basil, and so wanted to buy this wonderful and punny illustrated side plate from Jimbob (that's not actually the artist's real name, but it would be amazeballs if it was, so I'm calling him that. So there.), but I didn't have enough money.
To steal a much loved Danaism, call the waaaahhhhhmbulance!

Aside from these pillars of the London crafting community, there were other Brits, some European types and of course Americans (it's an American craft fair, duh!). I overheard one seller tell someone he had flown over just for the event. I hope he sold lots of stuff. And now for my absolute favourite makers:

I fell in love with these wonderful little buildings. I wanted to compile a village of them and put them on the mantlepiece. I must keep them in mind for that distant and sparkling day when I get a house. I will have The Drawing Machine's village on display, yessir. 

And mr nico does this awesome camera wallpaper (Kat, if you're reading this, check it out!). Lekker Haas Paper was mind-blowing, with her giant hand-cut birds-eye-view of London (and Paris, and Brooklyn, and...) - all the tiny winding streets! I didn't manage to take a photo though. Boo. 

And eek! Take a butchers at these cuckoo clocks by Kate Sutton (also an illustrator)! Kah-yewt! Add that to my list of things to put in my non-existent house. 

And last but not least - oh no, certainly not least - was Stephanie Tillman. I had great fun chatting with her. She's an American, like me, and has married a Brit (sound familiar?). Her embroideries are so cute and ridiculously hilarious. My favourites? "What's up britches?" and "Man, I ain't trying to eat all these leaves today."


Kat said...

Ha, I just literally published my post from the show, and thought I'd take a quick peek at Google Reader before going to bed, and saw your post!

There were some amazing designers there, weren't there? Could've spent an absolute fortune, but tried to reign in my spending to a few tea towels and some little Christmas pressies. And if I'm the Kat you thought would love the camera wallpaper, oh my goodness, I did indeed! Shame we didn't bump into each other, really :(

DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

I love those embroideries! There is a big craft fair in Columbus this weekend, I can't wait. I think it also will be filled with lots of, "oh, I want that! When I get a big house, that's something I'll get!"

Suzanne said...

Kat - we keep missing each other! You are, indeed, the Kat I meant. That wallpaper (and your love of cameras) reminded me a bit of an illustrator I really like, Christine Berrie:

Dana - I thought of you when I saw those embroideries, so much so that I told Stephanie about you and she said she'd check you out. And by the way, I did the exact same thing. Inside my head, I bought up practically the whole room. In my dream studio, I'd like a wall of hilarious embroideries.

Kat said...

Just caught your last comment -- it made me laugh, because I bought this some time ago! :)