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27 September 2011

Sparkle Motion!

My friend Amy (who made me the lovely soft scarf) introduced me to Donnie Darko back in college. She is therefore, quite obviously, an important figure in my life. She had a baby boy in the summer, so my immediate impulse was to pick out some cute banditos to give to Dorian. Then I thought, hmm...Amy needs a present too. And I had just fallen in love with cross-stitching. And seeing as Amy was my Donnie Darko supplier and her email address used to be sparklemotion, it only seemed right to make her this:

See, I figure that now Amy is a mama, she has lots of different roles to play in life. And there will be lots of people with crazy expectations of how she needs to go about doing things and what her priorities should be. And she may find herself having to say no to someone, and perhaps will feel bad about letting them down (maybe I'm totally projecting at this point, but whatever). All she has to do is look at this, and she will feel better. 

But mostly I just thought it would be hilarious.

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