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11 July 2011


Grace in small things.

1. I have an interview on Wednesday to be a part-time school librarian! Wish me luck...

2. Dom and Kristine are back from Dubai. Yay!

3. I've nearly finished Adele's fb gift.

4. I've now come up with the basicbandito. Basically (har-har), it's still just as cute and absorbant but not waterproof. And it's half the price. But this project has served an additional purpose - to trial a multi-size bandito. We'll see how it goes.

5. I made a maxi skirt. It's purty.


DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

Pictures of skirt! Your readers demand proof. Or maybe vicarious enjoyment.

Kat said...

Ooh, best of luck with the interview tomorrow -- will keep all limbs crossed!

Suzanne said...

Update - I got the job! Thanks for the crossing of limbs. And Dana, I shall. Just as soon as someone takes a photo of me wearing it - which may never happen, as I'm usually the one behind the camera.