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08 July 2011


Grace in small things.

1. I've been putting my new shop together and one of my bags has already been added as someone's favourite!

2. I've also been working on a little present for my friend Amy and it's finished. I desperately want to show it off, but can't until it's in the hands of its rightful owner. It is awesome. ifidosaysomyself

3. I watched Capote last night, finally. What a great film. Philip Seymour Hoffman is da bomb (to bring back an accolade of old).

4. I've signed myself up for a very very fun sounding market, Playtime.
It's probably more of a one day festival than a market. Anyway. Keep your fingers crossed that it'll be a good day for babybandito! Even if it's not, a market/festival named after a Jacques Tati film and run by a French lady has got to be a good thing to steep yourself in for a day. It's next Sunday. You should totally come check it out.

5. Dhari still likes vegetables.

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