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25 June 2011

Wonder Hill High Market

There were some talented (and super-friendly) folks at the market today. It was certainly a slow day, so thank goodness for the quality company! Here are a few fine folks I found:

babybandito - oh wait! That's me!

And - what a nice surprise! - a twitter friend was there. A cute lady came up to my table, gave a funny look to it, then said, "I know you!" It was Tobyboo, who will be selling some of her awesome creations at Beanies Cafe. My favourite thing on her table was a stitched-up version of the tin man, but on his chest was embroidered, "tinned artichoke hearts". How awesome is that? And well, since I didn't manage to snap a picture of her table, I stole one from her website instead:
If you look closely, you can see the tin man in the top right, next to the cowardly lion and scarecrow.

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Anonymous said...

what lovely photos - I most certainly would've liked to have been amidst all of those lovely bits and pieces!