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01 February 2011


Grace in small things.

1. My Matthew Williamson dress. I got to bust it out for the second time ever (first time, Angie Lang-Mendenhall's wedding, woot-woot!) on Saturday for Nina and Nirmal's 25th wedding anniversary. And boy-oh-boy, am I ever glad I did? Had I worn anything even a teensy-weensy less colourful or sparkly, I would have felt like I was wearing burlap. Indian ladies know how to dress for an occasion (I'm not one for stereotyping, but this has largely been my impression over time - plus, it's a big huggy-kissy compliment, so just shush). I love my dress. Unfortunately, I can't find any full-length pics of me in it, nor can I find any pics of it being worn by some waif-like model on the Internet. So you'll just have to imagine. It is these colours and fabrics:

Put into this shape and design:

Both dresses are Matthew Williamson, of course. And while we're at it, here's the man himself:

Only this man could have come up with those dresses. Am I wrong?

I especially love this dress right now because I am newly obsessed with embroidery (didn't you know?). Also, because  I you can wolf down a whole box of Mr. Kipling lemon cake slices on my your own and still slink around in it comfortably.

2. A cuddly toddler in my lap right now.

3. My friend Tanya, who gave Dhari a pack of art supplies. Thanks Tans. It keeps the munchkin occupied for at least half an hour everyday. Taking all the pens out...swapping the lids around...putting the pens back in...

4. Laundry. It's the only housework I actually enjoy. Not ironing though. That's different. And not fun at all.

5. The sounds of squealing adolescent girls outside my window every weekday at around 4pm. School lets out and so do they. My goodness!


DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

This is most recent fashion drool:

DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

ugh, sorry, MY most recent fashion drool.

Suzanne said...

I heart these:[0]=gender:women&pp=2&view=detail&p=41&colourID=2935