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26 January 2011


Grace in Small Things.

1. Dhari knows the words to "Sleepyhead" by Ed Harcourt. Can you imagine how adorable it is to hear him sing, 

"And the night is cold, my favourite time
And the day is old, plays tricks on my mind..."

like some tired old man who's worked in the City for far too long?

2. Tulips playing croquet. I get so happy every evening when I sit down with my embroidery hoop and all that colourful thread, to get a little bit more done on this project. DanaK has a very special mind. She has somehow managed to give each tulip very different emotions and personalities. And they don't even have faces! Body language can tell us so much. 

3. Finally having our Hammerpress prints on the wall. We have El Corazon y El Craneo next to each other in the lounge. They are awesome. Thank you Mom and Dad for the framing. 

4. Marcus did the dishes last night. Thank you Marcus.

5. Waking up early enough to take a shower before Dhari is up and running around (opening the bathroom door, pulling the shower curtain over his head and saying, "Hi Mummy!" when I've forgotten to lock the door). It meant I had to get dressed in the dark this morning because Dhari was in our bed again. But it's still a good thing. 

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