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23 November 2010

{make do and mend} Never smile at a crocodile...or Hungry Hungry Hippos?

Before Dhari was born I bought a load of fun fabric to make baby slings out of. I never got around to it really, so I decided to do this instead. 
Scarves! Rectangles of stretchy soft jersey cut out with pinking shears and left unfinished, then cute Ikea fabric (which you may or may not recognise from my Wonky Bunting) appliqued with black embroidery. The scarves are 34 inches long, so probably not useful for adults. Sorry! 

I have two more to make with more appliques similar to the crocodile scarf pictured above (but never exactly the same! No way! These are scarves for truly unique children, children who would hyperventilate if seen wearing the EXACT SAME SCARF as the kid in the other class).


KBO said...

Love these! Alas, I have no baby to buy them for. Someday.

Suzanne said...

I'm trying to figure out how to make one for you. could chase stray children down the streets and wrap them up in scarves. No?

Anonymous said...

Do they come in girlie colours????

Hazel xxx

Suzanne said...

They most certainly can...which girlie colours do you want? x