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22 November 2010


Grace in small things.


During this post, please remember that we don't get a public holiday for Thanksgiving on this side of the Atlantic, so I have to choose a different day for the big Eat!



1. Finally, a recipe for stuffing that worked out REALLY REALLY well. I adapted it a bit, but still. It even looked good. Do you know what an achievement this is???

2. Having immense amounts of fun, and feeling that everyone else did too, at my Thanksgiving party.

3. Wandering up to Angel on a Sunday morning, to learn to crochet at The Make Lounge.

4. The only leftover from Thanksgiving was salad.

5. I have a live plant back in my home again, after a long stretch without. If you're a plant person, and have lived without plants for a while, you'll know why this is such an important Small Thing.

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