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22 March 2010

venturing into worlds unknown.

So...I'm still working on varying my creative projects. I've done bibs and bunting, and now I'm trying out bows. Being a woman who hasn't worn bows in yonks, and having a child who is not of the girl variety, I was unsure of how to go about it. I felt like a bit of an impostor on the bow front.

I looked all around me for inspiration, bought a bunch of ribbons, buttons and clips and tentatively made this.

While I'm sure some will think this is very cute, it's not really my style. Too girlie, perhaps. So I got out some felt and made these instead.

I love these. Really really love these. And I desperately want someone with a little girl to have one so I can see how cute it is on a little girl head. I've tried it on Dhari. It's just not the same.

Question: when using ribbon, how can I stop the ends from fraying? I've heard of heat setting?

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SugarMama said...

I just take a lighter, and nip the end of the ribbon into the flame. Practice a bit before you do it on the real thing.