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15 March 2010

Trying not to be disappointed

I only sold one bib. My rational brain (and every rational person around me) says, "So what? Perhaps it wasn't the right crowd." Still, I was pretty crushed.

Good things that come out of this are:
1. It gave me a deadline, so they're all finished, complete with awesome packaging and everything.
2. I can take nice photographs of them and share them with you (Ginny, Claire, Hazel and whoever else reads this) and the Etsy community.
3. I don't have to make a tonne more to bring to the little baby boutiques around London in my attempt to branch out.
4. Not having to make a tonne more means being able to make other things too. Like a very simple spring/summer dress for me (almost finished), Sophia's dress and headband and Holly's skirt. Also, I saw a really cute barrette idea in a magazine that I'm desperate to try out, pronto.
5. One really nice (and stylish) lady bought a bib. Maybe, she'll love it so much that she'll buy some more on Etsy, then tell all her friends, who will go on Etsy and buy some too.

This is the one I sold. Cute, isn't it?


SugarMama said...

Aww, don't feel bad! Your bibs are darling. They really are (not just saying that). I went to a few craft fairs a long time ago with some things I made and it was miserable. A very specific market, and often not the one you're in. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just googled 'baby bibs' and 'dribble bibs' and bandana bibs' into google and you did not come up! Here lies the problem! Have you thought about also selling them on Ebay? I think more people use it than Etsy. Also what are you selling them for? Other bandana bigs (from the shops that came up on google) seem to go between £3 and £5. Have you tried contacting Amazon too? And what about posting an advert on Netmums?

Suzanne said...

This is really good advice. I have signed up for Google's adwords, so now at least my website comes up as one of the sponsored links on the right. We'll see how that goes! Thanks.