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16 April 2015

Excuse me, is this thing on?

It would appear I've been on a two year maternity leave from my blog.  Oops!

Is anybody out there??? (*echo!echo!echo!echo!echo!)

Sorry. I'm a dweeb. But I'm back. I think.

26 April 2013

My journey since we last spoke.

From hospital

to dining table


Grace in small things.

1. When my babies smile at me. That just wipes the whole slate clean.

2. Getting started with my compost bin.

3. Oh, sunny days. After dropping Dhari off at school, I parked the buggy in the back garden while I pottered around outside and made big plans. Ivo and Zeo slept the whole time!

4. Being able to breast feed without too much difficulty. I don't enjoy it by any means, but so many women really struggle with it, and I'm aware of how blessed I am to be able to do this for my little beebies.

5. Making things for friends. That's fun. Especially when I get to make funny things for friends. That's double fun.

13 September 2012

Ever so slightly Christmassy...

babybandito's getting ready for the jolly season. You can find these new ticky tocks here. Ever so slightly Christmassy bibs soon to come...


22 August 2012

{handmade treasures} ticky tocks getting more love

The ticky tocks have been getting a lot of love on etsy lately, both in shopping baskets, loads of members' favourites galleries, and in treasuries:

curated by Barbara K., an etsy shopper and treasury maker

curated by McLoveBuddy, who has a shop full of very cool totes (that's theirs in the upper right hand corner)

curated by Dasha Bondareva, a Canadian etsian and sometimes shop owner

15 August 2012


Grace in small things.

1. A beautiful wedding in Norway that got everybody a bit weepy.

2. A weekend on the seaside in Norway! Unpacking today, I had to shake sand out of everything. Grassy sand dunes on a breezy day are the best.

3. Dhari got to be a page boy at the wedding. He took his job so seriously - it was adorable (up until the bit where he didn't want to hand over the ring to the best man).

4. I sent Marcus on an underpants buying mission. He bought me a pack of GIANT maternity knickers. This cracks me up to no end. (bit ironic that this is in a Grace in small things post, when these knickers are nowhere near small - they put granny pants to shame) mwahahahahahah

5. My new bed is amazing!

08 August 2012

makin' some bows, makin' some bows...

A bouquet of bows, for your enjoyment.

Available for purchase here.