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15 August 2012


Grace in small things.

1. A beautiful wedding in Norway that got everybody a bit weepy.

2. A weekend on the seaside in Norway! Unpacking today, I had to shake sand out of everything. Grassy sand dunes on a breezy day are the best.

3. Dhari got to be a page boy at the wedding. He took his job so seriously - it was adorable (up until the bit where he didn't want to hand over the ring to the best man).

4. I sent Marcus on an underpants buying mission. He bought me a pack of GIANT maternity knickers. This cracks me up to no end. (bit ironic that this is in a Grace in small things post, when these knickers are nowhere near small - they put granny pants to shame) mwahahahahahah

5. My new bed is amazing!

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