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03 July 2012

ticky tocks for kids who are all growed up

Big ticky tocks!

Because I couldn't just make them for toddlers, could I? Question is, do I put them in the babybandito shop or in dito, my grown-up shop that I have neglected now for quite some time? They wouldn't be the only thing in the grown-up shop. I have ideas, you know. Grand plans. And they (of course) involve funny embroidery.

At a market the other day, a lady quite cleverly quipped, "It's a perfect holiday watch!" And she's completely right. Because when you're on holiday, you don't actually want to know what time it really and truly is. Luckily, these are all set at roughly brunch time or party time, depending on whether the sun or the moon is out. And everybody knows those are the two best times of day.

So what do you think? babybandito or dito?

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