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15 June 2012


Grace in small things.

1. I totally made Dhari a pair of bird wings (from this tutorial). It took me hours, but it turned out to be something truly special. And, as I'm a tiny-bit of a hippy, I really like that his first cape is bird wings and not a superhero one. Not that there's anything wrong with superheroes - I just like nature better.

I made it with some fabric my mom gave me ages ago. She used it as table cloths for some themed party she had, and thought it might make cute banditos. Sadly, while I love gingham for banditos, it was the wrong fabric. But I found a use for it finally! And I have loads more left over, if anyone else wants to make some matching bird wings. Or, if you want me to make them for you (or your toddler, whatever). But it'll cost you, because like I mentioned before, it takes hours. :) Pictures to come.

2. We had a glorious (and very busy) trip to the USA. Sunshine, family, friends, dinosaurs, legos, boats, pancakes...I could go on and on, but I won't. I'll just leave it with this:

3. Just found out yesterday that the twins are both boys. I will be totally outnumbered, but this is going to be loads of fun.

4. So far so good on the sale of our flat. Hoping it gets done quickly! I'm ready to get into that house!

5. Dhari let me sleep in a little bit today.

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