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02 December 2011


Grace in small things.

1. 30+ people came to Thanksgiving! Awesome! No leftovers. Not even salad.

2. I went on strike and marched with some old work buddies on Wednesday. It was something I felt strongly about, and would have moped around with a heavy heart for a week if I hadn't done it. I think I was the only person from my school that went on strike (that more and more popular - but completely unenforceable - no strike policy), which is partly why I nearly didn't do it. Let's hear it for swimming against the tide.

3. I made the Purl Bee advent calendar.

It took me 10+ hours and I'm super chuffed with how it turned out and Dhari is really excited about it. He keeps saying, "I want it to be December 16th!" (there's a Green & Blacks white chocolate peeking out of that one)

4. Using sheets of actual wool felt for crafting, instead of the nasty acrylic stuff you get in most craft shops. It just feels so wonderful to the touch and the colours have a warmth to them that acrylic simply cannot achieve.

5. Scott and Regan's wedding in Cumbria. I heart Cumbria, most notably the Lake District. Even in the last days of November, it is beautiful.

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